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Ingham Institute is proud to announce the consolidation and expansion of our automation and robotics research with the formation of a centre for Robotics and Health Technology Research.

Advanced technologies, automation and robotics have had, and continue to make, a significant impact on almost every industry and healthcare is no exception.

The Institute’s centre for Robotics & Health Technology Research will lead Australia in teaching and developing:

  • surgical robotics
  • remote interventional diagnostics including neurology and remote learning
  • remote interventional therapeutics
  • remote sensing devices
  • digital health including telehealth and clinical trials
  • education and training including academic courses in medical innovation
  • artificial intelligence and virtual reality
  • health and hospital systems automation.

Our early work in robotics was initiated with a few pivotal steps: the creation of a robotic training center, purchase of a MIMIC (Robotic Simulation Trainer), formation of fellowships to train doctors and establishing dedicated funds for robotics and machine learning research to solve health issues.

SWSLHD’s Liverpool Hospital purchased a davinci XI surgical robot in 2017 and today conducts rigorous research, teaching and training programs in surgical robotics. Liverpool Hospital is now one of four NSW public hospitals to have a clinical robotics program, and its research in partnership with the Ingham Institute, is widely acknowledged.

Clinical expertise and reputation as well as connections to robotic companies has seen the Ingham Institute become the “go-to” place for research and development in advanced medical technologies and medical robotics.

Many projects are underway with our partners using a range of technologies to monitor, diagnose and support treatment of common conditions. Future work will see us work with more robotic companies to explore new applications to treat cardiac disease, stroke and many other conditions.

We look forward to sharing further updates on this powerful development for the Institute, our partners and most importantly, the community.



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