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Whistleblower Reporting


The Ingham Institute is committed to creating an ethical, fair and supportive environment where people feel safe and are encouraged to speak up and report conduct that concerns them. We recognise that wrongdoing may not be uncovered unless there is a safe and secure means for telling someone about it and our Whistleblower Policy provides information how you can make a disclosure and how we will manage it.

Please reach out to the Ingham Institute Whistleblower Protection Officer (WPO) or the BDO Secure Hotline to report conduct that concerns you.


Whistleblower Protection Officer – Katie Gilbert – Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 8738 9169



BDO Secure provides a safe, secure whistleblower Hotline for the Ingham Institute

To access the BDO Secure hotline service:

Ph: 1300 408 955