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Transforming Care

About Us

Our Vision

Inspiring health. Transforming care.

The Ingham Institute’s world-class medical research is rooted in and driven by the needs of our local South West Sydney community. We are committed to inspiring better health of our local community, and transforming the treatment and care of people living with common medical conditions and disease.

Through applied medical research and partnerships with universities, hospitals and our local healthcare community, the Ingham Institute is working to radically transform health outcomes for the better – creating thriving communities, both locally and globally.

Our Mission Statement

Our strategic network of medical research centres of excellence produce world-class insights and discoveries for application to health care services and systems transforming community wellbeing locally and globally.

Our Core Values

At the Ingham Institute, our commitment and purpose is driven by our core values.

Our core values are the pillars that guide the Ingham Institute in building an organisation that reflects who we are and what we do. Each individual at the Ingham Institute refers to these principles to tap into their own potential and drive to achieve breakthrough medical research.


Our work and relationships are embedded in being relevant to the community and partners we serve.
“This is research not siloed, but deeply connected to people. It’s a job I’ve always argued makes a difference.”


We are committed to transparency and the truth in our vigilance to building loyal relationships.
“I see the Ingham Institute as an overarching facilitator of medical research. It’s not so much the Ingham Institute that does the research; it’s all the groups it brings together”


We are bold in our belief and knowledge that research can and will change lives, locally and globally.
“We ask the very important questions of clinical care that no one else will take on. We will emerge as leaders with research [that will become] part and parcel of everyday patient care – which will become the norm.”


We measure our work based on the immediacy and impact of its translation to health care delivery, systems, services and healthy lifestyles.
“It’s an institute that brings researchers together who have a clinical [and] translational impact through their work, benefitting the population of South West Sydney.”


We believe in health equity for all. Our research is directed to the areas of health that carry the greatest burden for the majority of our community.
“This is an institute firmly based on improving the health of the community. Prevent, treat and cure. We’re not an ivory tower. We want the public to say, ‘This institute improved our health’.”

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