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Remember a life well lived by giving a gift for the future.

You can honour the life of a loved one who has passed by accepting donations for medical research on their behalf.

Requesting for donations instead of flowers at a funeral allows family and friends to make a meaningful gesture of remembrance that will last generations.

Located within a working laboratory, our In Memory Wall features the names of those whose final act was to help progress medical research for the benefit of others.

Every day, the scientists at the Ingham Institute work tirelessly towards finding new solutions to health and medical challenges, and are inspired by those whose names are found on the memorial wall.

Each name on the wall symbolises someone whose life ended with a gift for future generations. A final gesture of hope for a better life for loved ones left behind.

You can download a copy of the In Memory Brochure here.

This program is supported by Max Perram’s Funeral Service, Olsens Funerals and Kenneally’s Funerals.

The Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research conducts world-class research that addresses the health and medical needs of our local and broader communities. Donations to the Ingham Institute play a critical role in helping researchers translate their discoveries into our community.

A powerful example of requesting donations to the Ingham Institute in lieu of flowers is the Ingham family request on the passing of Bob Ingham AO and his In Memory page. Everyone has the capacity to leave a lasting legacy by asking the Ingham Institute to create an In Memory page.

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