Inspiring Health
Transforming Care

Corporate Partners

Partnering with the Ingham Institute means you’ll be supporting the work of an innovative, world-class research centre focused on inspiring health and transforming care in our community.

Our researchers are learning more about the causes of disease in order to develop more effective treatments for common conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. We’re also finding better ways to develop healthy urban communities and to manage complex conditions such as traumatic brain injuries and mental illness.

Why support the Ingham Institute?
Whether it’s buying research equipment or funding scholarships, your corporate partnership support can make a huge difference to the career of a researcher and the health of our community.
It enables our scientists to work on research programs that will ultimately lead to earlier diagnoses, better treatments, proactive prevention or the ultimate cure of a range of health conditions and diseases. Importantly, you can help innovative projects get up and running before they reach the stage of government funding, or provide support through the purchase of critical facilities and equipment.

We regard our corporate partners as friends and profile all of our supporters through marketing, branding and media opportunities. Together with our supporters we create custom partnership programs that help build and strengthen bonds between organisations and people.

How you can support the Ingham Institute
Your company or organisation can support the work of the Ingham Institute by:
– purchasing a piece of equipment or funding a laboratory
– funding a specific program or area of research
– funding scholarships and fellowships
– sponsoring a particular project or event
– providing in-kind or pro-bono support
– establishing a workplace giving program.

Whether you’re a small or large business, your corporate support makes a huge difference to the health of our community.