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Assistive Technology Hub

What is the Assistive Technology Hub?

The Assistive Technology Hub is a specialist service initiative of the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research (with support from icare and the University of Sydney). The Assistive Technology Hub is dedicated to supporting individuals living with brain injury.
The mission of the hub is to:

  • Drive the application of assistive technology solutions to enhance treatment, outcomes and long-term support for people with brain injury
  • Provide student and clinician training and education to support the implementation of assistive technology into clinical practice
  • Engage with industry and academic partners to develop research and new technology

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is any product which promotes function, independence and can reduce reliance on caregivers. It can be low-cost mainstream technology or purpose designed technology. Examples of assistive technology that can be used to support people after a brain injury include:

  • Smartphones, tablets, and their apps
  • Wearable devices
  • Sensor systems
  • Smart speakers and lighting
  • Home automation and environmental controls

Assistive Technology also includes the wrap around services provided by an assistive technology clinician which includes knowledge, experience and training.

How can Assistive Technology help me?

After a brain injury, many people find themselves facing everyday challenges such as:

  • Going to the shops but forgetting what to buy
  • Getting on the wrong bus or train
  • Leaving home without the keys
  • Always needing to be prompted to take medication
  • Loosing track of mealtimes
  • Getting started on leisure activities

Assistive Technology can provide answers to these challenges.

What does the Assistive Technology Hub do?

People living with a brain injury can experience a variety of cognitive challenges that may affect their attention and concentration, information processing, short and long-term memory, and executive function including motivation, planning and decision-making.

The Assistive Technology Hub provides a comprehensive range of services to address these challenges. Services are tailored to the individual’s needs and include assistive technology assessment, implementation – trial, prescription, training, evaluation.

How can I access the Assistive Technology Hub?

You can contact the Assistive Technology Hub directly via phone and email or complete our intake form to register your interest in the service. An assistive technology specialist will be in contact with you to discuss how the type of services the hub can provide to support you and answer any questions you may have.