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Our Research Reach

The research reach of the Ingham Institute stretches across the broad geographic area of South West Sydney, operating within the South Western Sydney Local Health District. Our work also has a national and international reach and impact through a broad range of research links and collaborations.

Our research focus and reach across South West Sydney

Our research focus is linked to the health and medical needs of individuals and families living in South West Sydney. We are committed to inspiring health and transforming care in our community.

While we operate from a research facility adjacent to Liverpool Hospital, our researchers work across a network of hospitals and community health facilities in the South Western Sydney Local Health District. Each centre of research is as important as the next, with research activity concentrated where it is needed the most.

The Ingham Institute has about 40 research groups (and growing), working across five research streams in South Western Sydney. These include:

  • Cancer Research
  • Clinical Sciences Research
  • Population and Health Services Research
  • Injury and Rehabilitation Research
  • Mental Health Research

Our research is embedded in our local community

The Institute has a strong community focus and encourages community interest and participation in its research activities through tours, talks, special programs and events. We also run a schools program and hold regular forums for health care professionals and organisations related to our research.

Our doors are always open and we welcome opportunities to engage with individuals, groups and organisations who share an interest in our work.

Local research partners and collaborators

The Ingham Institute operates as a partnership between the South Western Sydney Local Health District, the University of New South Wales and Western Sydney University.

We are also a member of the South West Sydney Research Hub, part of NSW Health’s Office for Health and Medical Research Hubs Strategy. The hub’s vision is for South Western Sydney to become internationally recognised as a leader in health and medical research, improving health outcomes for all. It also aims to make a difference both in our own community, and on the world-stage.

The Institute is a partner of The Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE) which combines the best academic, clinical and industry expertise to address unmet local, national and international health priorities and needs through collaboration, innovation and partnership.

We are also proud to be a member of the Sax Institute, a national leader in promoting the use of research evidence in health policy.

International links and collaborations

The Ingham Institute’s research has significant global reach and impact.

We have links or collaborations with:

  • National Institute for Radiological Science (Japan)
  • Hong Kong University (Hong Kong)
  • Harvard Medical School (USA)
  • University of British Columbia (Canada)
  • Stanford University (USA)
  • University of Oxford (UK)
  • Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (UK)
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna) and
  • Union for International Cancer Control (Geneva).

Our global links and collaborations help to translate our research into new treatments and models of care that are applied locally, within Australia and around the world.

To learn more about the Ingham Institute or to book a tour, contact us today.