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Meet our Executive Director Clinical Trials

“What is most exciting is the collaborative approach across the local health district, with multiple departments and disciplines working tirelessly together with a shared objective, to identify the best approach for patients with COVID-19.

We are conducting clinical trials in mild to moderate patients being managed in community, moderate to severe patients in wards and severe patients in ICU. Our data collection will help us understand the impacts of COVID-19 on south west Sydney as a community and specific impacts on various groups of high-risk patients.

In addition to the COVID-19 clinical trials, we have over 500 clinical trials across south west Sydney in areas such cancer, neurology, cardiology, immunology, rheumatology and intensive care. Some of our team were redeployed to essential services during the crisis, yet we have ensured our clinical trial were rigorously maintain to protect and propel this essential work.”

Meg Ford
Executive Director Clinical Trials
SWSLHD and Ingham Institute


COVID-19 Research and its Impact on our Community

Since March, the Institute has established seventeen COVID-19 clinical trials across the local health district, including:

COVID-19 Intervention
Exploring the treatment and prevention of COVID-19, including new treatments and current medications for people being cared for at home, in hospital and in intensive care.

COVID-19 Data Collection
Collecting data that is providing insights into COVID-19 locally, nationally and internationally, including for the World Health Organisation (WHO). This data allows representation of our south west Sydney population and drives our knowledge in the disease, health care needs and ongoing impact of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Mental Health Impacts
Looking at how people have reacted in a pandemic state to inform future care if/when a pandemic or health crisis of this magnitude happens again. This clinical trial will study the impacts of lockdown and community impacts such as remote learning in schools and universities. The data collection will inform how we look after the mental health across our diverse community including health care workers and the vulnerable.

COVID-19 Remote Sensor Patient Monitoring
Using remote sensor technology, this study will capture the patient critical biometrics via an arm band worn 22–23 hrs/day. Patient information including respiratory rate, heart rate, temperature and oxygen saturation is automatically monitored and recorded, triggering an alert directly to the Triple I Hub for immediate intervention. This technology is a non-intrusive way to manage COVID-19 in the community while minimising bringing non-acute patients into hospitals and risking further exposure.


Clinical Trials at Ingham Institute

The Clinical Trials Team has 65 coordinators and 150 investigators actively working across 500+ clinical trials for the South West Sydney Local Health District. The team is critically helping over 2,500 patients in clinical trials across cancer, stroke, diabetes, palliative care, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

For further information on how you can support our medical research programs such as our COVID-19 clinical trials, please speak to:

David Stewart
Executive Director of Philanthropy, Ingham Institute
+61 450 019 189

100% of funds raised goes to medical research at the Ingham Institute

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