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The Ingham Institute conducts a number of training programs in conjunction with affiliate partners. Wherever possible, these resources are published here.

Please check regularly for new and updated materials.

With thanks to support from the South West Sydney Research Hub, the following series of short videos have been created.

Click on the topic to view each video.

  1. Why the research question is so important
  2. How can I use clinical data in a research project?
  3. The Clinician research journey
  4. Things to consider being setting up your own clinical database
  5. The importance of involving diverse populations in research
  6. Engaging with diverse communities
  7. Successful engagement with diverse communities
  8. Top tips for conducting a survey
  9. Conducting clinical trials in South West Sydney Local Health District
  10. Statistical support available
  11. How do I fit research into my clinical load?
  12. Should I enrol in a higher research degree?