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Ingham Institute Postdoctoral Association

Who We Are

The Ingham Institute Postdoc Association represents postdoctoral researchers from across the wide network of South West Sydney researchers.

We aim to improve the postdoctoral experience by supporting a culture of enhanced professional growth by facilitating connections, raise awareness, and collaborate with stakeholders in the postdoctoral community. We envision an inclusive community where all postdocs and early career researchers are empowered, valued, recognised and supported in their current and future endeavours.

Vision & Objectives

  • To provide opportunities to Ingham Institute postdoc researchers for professional, scientific, personal and career development.
  • To enhance communication between Ingham Institute postdoctoral researchers through social and professional networking events.
  • To promote the importance of mentorship and help to foster mentoring opportunities both within and outside of Ingham Institute.
  • To promote contributions made by Ingham Institute postdoctoral researchers within the Institute and externally.
  • To represent and advocate for Ingham Institute postdoctoral researchers towards the Ingham Institute Executive and more broadly within the Institute.
  • To foster collaboration with other early career networks, e.g. Early Career Academic Network (ECAN), UNSW and EMCR Network, WSU.


Contact us:

Follow us: Twitter @InghamPostdoc

The Postdoctoral Association Leadership Group oversees the activities of a range of subcommittees:


Dr Vikneswary Batumalai, PhD

Principal Research Scientist, GenesisCare

Conjoint Lecturer, University of New South Wales


Deputy Chair

Dr Chamini Perera, PhD

Lecturer, Pancreatic Research Group



Tanzila Khan

Postdoctoral Student, Medical Oncology Research Group




Dr Shadma Fatima, PhD, MS, DVM

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Medical Oncology


Marketing & Community Engagement

Dr Grace Micali, PhD

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) Administrator, Medical Oncology Clinical Trials Unit


Networking & Social

Dr Zhihong Xu, PhD

Lecturer, South Western Sydney Clinical School, UNSW Medicine & Health


Professional Development & Education

Dr Shweta Gautam, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Gastrointestinal Viral Oncology Group


Advisory Group

Professor Minoti Apte

Director, Pancreatic Research Group

South Western Sydney Clinical School, UNSW Medicine & Health

UNSW, Liverpool Hospital

Dr Ben Smith, PhD

Senior Research Fellow

South Western Sydney Clinical School, UNSW Medicine & Health

UNSW, Liverpool Hospital

Associate Professor Tony Pang, PhD FRACS FACS AStat

Pancreatic Surgeon, Westmead Hospital

Clinical A/Prof., University of Sydney

Our Postdoc for the Month:

Xiaoshui Huang is a postdoctoral research associate with the Image-X Institute at The University of Sydney and a researcher with the Medical Physics Group at the Ingham Institute. He completed his PhD in computer science from the University of Technology Sydney. In this role, he brings his experience in machine learning and algorithm development to analyse the protocol compliance with the lung patient outcome to improve patient care. His current research found that lung cancer patients’ treatments are below 20% in compliance with Australia eviQ protocol. Another aspect of his research is to use deep learning to personalise image guidance to maximise radiotherapy treatment success. His main research interests lie in causal discovery, deep learning-based fiducial marker detection and 3D image processing. He has published 15 full papers and one abstract in ESTRO 2021. He serves as a reviewer for many computer science top conferences and top journals, for example, CVPR2021, ICCV2021, NeuIPS2021, ICLR2022, IJCAI2021, TIP, IJCV and TMM.

What would you say is your most valuable personal attribute that has helped you succeed?

My most valuable personal attribute that has helped me succeed is perseverance.

Do you think it is important to have a mentor?

It is very important to have an experienced and successful mentor since the mentor can teach us a lot of valuable things other than work itself.

What have you learnt during your career to increase your resilience?

During my postdoctoral career, I have learnt to be kind to others and be strict to ourselves.

What is your ideal holiday?

My ideal holiday is to close the phone and do whatever follows the heart.

What are your favourite past-times or hobbies?

In my spare time, I enjoy jogging, watching movies and playing computer games.

Dr Xiaoshui Huang, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Medical Physics Group, Ingham Institute
Image-X Institute, University of Sydney

Upcoming Events

Annual Postdoc Research in Focus

When: Thursday, 24th November, 2022

Time: 12.00-1.30pm

Where: Ingham Institute, Level 1 Boardroom

Abstract Submission Opening Soon, TBA

Previous Events

How to Present an Industry CV

When: Thursday, 26th August, 2022

Time: 12.00-1.00pm

Where: Zoom

Check out this event in our Gallery!

Celebrating Women’s International Day with Prof. Minoti Apte

When: Monday, 7th March, 2022

Time: 12.00-1.00pm

Where: Zoom

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Professional and Leadership Activities – Are they Worth It?

When: Thursday, 17th February, 2022

Time: 12.00-1.00pm

Where: Zoom

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Guidelines on Academic Promotion

When: Thursday, 21st October, 2021

Time: 12.00-1.00pm

Where: Zoom

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Writing a Successful NHMRC Investigator Grant

When: Tuesday, 21st September, 2021

Time: 12.00-1.00pm

Where: Zoom

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How to Present an Academic CV

Have you updated your CV recently? Join us as Prof. Afaf Girgis presents how to create a CV that is compelling, well organised and easy to read.

When: Thursday, August 12th, 2021 (12.00-1.00pm)

Where: Zoom

Check out this event in our Gallery!

Postdoc Research in Focus

This event is presented by the Ingham Institute Postdoc Association for postdocs to exhibit the depth and breadth of early career research to the wider community. Presenters will pitch their research and its potential impact in 3 minutes to a broad audience.

When: Thursday, June 17th, 2021 (12.30-1.30pm)

Where: Zoom

Check out this event in our Gallery!

Securing a Role in Industry

Our May event titled ‘Securing a role in industry’ will provide insights to postdocs and PhD students seeking non-academic roles. The speakers come from a range of background, including a managing consultant from Proclinical, recruitment company solely focused on life sciences. The speakers will recount their transition from academia to industry and highlight the skills that were critical in securing a role in industry.

When: Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 (5.00-6.30pm)

Where: Zoom

Check out this event in our Gallery!

Meet and Mingle

What are you doing on Thursday April 22nd at 4pm? Nothing? Fantastic! Join us for a Meet & Mingle at the Ingham Institute. See familiar faces and meet new ones.

Useful Links

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Targeting the HGF/c-MET pathway in advanced pancreatic cancer: a key element of treatment that limits primary tumour growth and eliminates metastasis. Click here to read.

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An Updated Systematic Review of Quantitative Studies Assessing Anxiety, Depression, Fear of Cancer Recurrence or Psychological Distress in Testicular Cancer Survivors. Click here to read.

The Genomic Landscape of Thyroid Cancer Tumourigenesis and Implications for Immunotherapy. Click here to read.

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Segmental Cardiac Radiation Dose Determines Magnitude of Regional Cardiac Dysfunction. Click here to read.

Patterns of use of palliative radiotherapy fractionation for bone metastases and 30-day mortality. Click here to read.

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