Ingham Institute Postdoctoral Association

Who We Are

The Ingham Institute Postdoc Association represents postdoctoral researchers from across the wide network of South West Sydney researchers.

We aim to improve the postdoctoral experience by supporting a culture of enhanced professional growth by facilitating connections, raise awareness, and collaborate with stakeholders in the postdoctoral community. We envision an inclusive community where all postdocs and early career researchers are empowered, valued, recognised and supported in their current and future endeavours.

Vision & Objectives

  • To provide opportunities to Ingham Institute postdoc researchers for professional, scientific, personal and career development.
  • To enhance communication between Ingham Institute postdoctoral researchers through social and professional networking events.
  • To promote the importance of mentorship and help to foster mentoring opportunities both within and outside of Ingham Institute.
  • To promote contributions made by Ingham Institute postdoctoral researchers within the Institute and externally.
  • To represent and advocate for Ingham Institute postdoctoral researchers towards the Ingham Institute Executive and more broadly within the Institute.
  • To foster collaboration with other early career networks, e.g. Early Career Academic Network (ECAN), UNSW and EMCR Network, WSU.


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Follow us: Twitter @InghamPostdoc

The Postdoctoral Association Leadership Group oversees the activities of a range of subcommittees:


Dr Vikneswary Batumalai, PhD

Principal Research Scientist, GenesisCare

Conjoint Lecturer, University of New South Wales


Deputy Chair

Dr Chamini Perera, PhD

Lecturer, Pancreatic Research Group



Dr Farhannah Aly, MB ChB, FRANZCR, MPhil

Research Radiation Oncologist, Medical Physics Research Group



Professional Development & Education

Dr Shadma Fatima, PhD, MS, DVM

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Medical Oncology


Marketing & Community Engagement

Dr Grace Micali, PhD

Clinical Trials Administrator, Medical Oncology Clinical Trials Unit


Advisory Group

Professor Minoti Apte

Director, Pancreatic Research Group

Dr Ben Smith, PhD

Senior Research Fellow

South Western Sydney Clinical School, UNSW Medicine & Health

UNSW, Liverpool Hospital

Associate Professor Tony Pang, PhD FRACS FACS AStat

Pancreatic Surgeon, Westmead Hospital

Clinical A/Prof., University of Sydney

Our Postdoc for the Month:

Dr Bernadette Brady is a titled musculoskeletal and pain physiotherapist who holds a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapy Position in SWSLHD and a Clinical Research Fellowship funded by SPHERE. Bernadette completed her PhD through Western Sydney University investigating novel culturally responsive approaches to pain management, for which her team won a prestigious 2017 NSW Health Award in the category of ‘Supporting our people’. Bernadette has a rapidly growing research track record since the completion of her PhD in 2019 and has secured over $80,000 in competitive grant funding as lead investigator to pursue equity focused projects seeking to improve access, patient engagement and chronic disease outcomes for patients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. She holds a conjoint lecturer position in Physiotherapy with Western Sydney University and a clinical lecturer affiliation with The University of Sydney where she supervises PhD and honours students in clinically embedded research in chronic pain and cultural responsiveness research. Through her research fellowship and clinical speciality roles Bernadette has designed, implemented, and coordinated a team of clinicians and multicultural health officers in clinically focused research using qualitative, community participatory, clinical trial and translation/cross-cultural adaptation methodologies.

If you have transitioned careers, what was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome?

After spending 10 years developing post-grad clinical expertise and completing a clinical specialty master’s degree, I took a turn into research. While not a complete career change, it did take me back to those early stages of learning. Now as a post-doc, the hurdle that I am trying to overcome is feeling somewhat an expert in one sense (clinically) and a relative novice in another (research). I try to remind myself that I didn’t get to where I am clinically overnight, and I should not expect that with research either.

If you had your time again, what would you do differently?

If I could change how I approached my PhD I would. For some reason, I expected to be able to do everything…to be able to continue my clinical work (hopefully uncompromised) and to complete a PhD by yesterday.  It didn’t start out that way, but somewhere in the process I became absorbed by it all and started setting unrealistic expectations. I would tell myself to “smell the roses”, that no certificate can replace time lost with those important to you and taking the time may make the process longer, but no less valuable.

How do you balance the different activities and tasks you need to perform?

Someone taught me to think of my time as the best cake I have ever made. Only I can decide how I will divide the slices and who I will give it to. In moments of clarity, I define where I want the slices to go and in what proportions. When things get chaotic and I feel myself regularly giving more on the work domains, I try to picture myself physically taking something away from someone else’s share. I remind myself I can’t create more and try to understand the cost of constantly taking. It has been helpful restoring balance.

What are your favourite past‐times or hobbies?

I love sports, watching sport more so than playing these days. I love going to games to support my teams, usually fully kitted up in fanfare (Sydney Swans AFL, Parramatta Eels NRL, NSW Waratah’s in Super Rugby and of course State of Origin and the Bledisloe Cup). I reignited my love for motorbike riding when I finished my PhD (a reward and pictured in my profile). It is a great outlet from my usual day to day activities and persona.

If at times your confidence is shaky, where do you turn? What/who empowers you?

When I was a kid my pop (granddad) used to recite me a poem by Rudyard Kipling called ‘IF’. For tennis, fans you will even see a line quoted above the centre court at Wimbledon “if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same”. The poem is a reminder about how to rise above adversity and is my go-to whenever I feel my confidence or motivation is shaky. Plus, it brings back wonderful memories of someone who certainly modelled its message to me.

Bernadette Brady, PhD
Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist & Clinical Research Fellow
Physiotherapy Department & Department of Pain Medicine
Liverpool Hospital

Upcoming Events

Writing a Successful NHMRC Investigator Grant

When: Tuesday, 21st September, 2021

Time: 12.00-1.00pm

Where: Zoom

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When: Thursday, 23rd September, 2021

Time: 4.00-5.00pm

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When: Thursday, August 12th, 2021 (12.00-1.00pm)

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Postdoc Research in Focus

This event is presented by the Ingham Institute Postdoc Association for postdocs to exhibit the depth and breadth of early career research to the wider community. Presenters will pitch their research and its potential impact in 3 minutes to a broad audience.

When: Thursday, June 17th, 2021 (12.30-1.30pm)

Where: Zoom

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Securing a Role in Industry

Our May event titled ‘Securing a role in industry’ will provide insights to postdocs and PhD students seeking non-academic roles. The speakers come from a range of background, including a managing consultant from Proclinical, recruitment company solely focused on life sciences. The speakers will recount their transition from academia to industry and highlight the skills that were critical in securing a role in industry.

When: Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 (5.00-6.30pm)

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Meet and Mingle

What are you doing on Thursday April 22nd at 4pm? Nothing? Fantastic! Join us for a Meet & Mingle at the Ingham Institute. See familiar faces and meet new ones.

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