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Imagine how you would feel hearing those words from your doctor during your final year of High School? Your whole life – and a world of dreams ahead of you, shattered to pieces. This was Nikhil’s reality in 2011.

He can still hear those words, as if they were uttered yesterday.

Leukaemia is a chilling diagnosis. Sadly, for Nikhil, more bad news was to come. He was told he had less than a 20% chance of being alive to celebrate his 22nd birthday.
Amid the blinding shock of hearing the devastating news, Nikhil’s doctor’s positive message kept repeating in his head. “The good news is…you’re 17 and have leukaemia.” That’s right, Nikhil told himself. He was young. New treatments were available. He could fight this. And he’s still fighting today!

Following his diagnosis, Nikhil knew there was a tough road ahead, but he had read about breakthroughs in cancer treatment and he trusted his doctors – literally – with his life.
In the days, weeks and months that followed, he would receive a range of cutting edge treatments: from chemotherapy and radiotherapy, to not one but two bone marrow transplants.
It was life-saving treatment.


Nikhil credits both his doctors and recent advancements in medical research with saving his life. He is on a mission to help save the lives of others like him.

NOW, as a researcher at the Ingham Institute, he is passionate about finding a cure for leukaemia.

(The patient is now the researcher! Who knows what medical breakthrough could come from such passion? )

The brutal reality is that Nikhil’s story could be yours or mine, because sadly, one in two Australians will develop cancer in their lifetime.

If you – like me – are inspired by Nikhil’s courage and commitment: please make a tax-deductible donation to Ingham Institute today.