Cardiology Centre

Cardiovascular diseases, and particular clinical manifestations of coronary heart disease (CHD), are the major contributors to morbidity in the ethnically and culturally diverse population of South Western Sydney, where its prevalence is increased and CHD is the leading cause of death. Advances in pharmacologic and interventional treatments and recent developments in cardiac imaging can facilitate enhancements in patient care.

The Institute's Cardiology Centre provides a nexus for cardiology research and academic strength. Key strengths include the groups work into non-invasive imaging research, predominately in echocardiograph, as well as Acute Coronary Syndrome / Percutaneous Coronary Intervention research.

The Cardiology Centre continues work on its Circulation Study proudly funded by a $200K research grant from the Ingham Institute. This study focuses on reviewing non-invasive imaging of the heart, as well as invasive imaging and interventions mainly in patients with recent heart attacks. Highly accurate information can be obtained on the status of patients with heart attacks, heart failure and arrhythmias in terms of early diagnosis, identification of aetiologies, risk stratification, and guidance of management including during late follow up.

Group Leader:
Professor John French
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