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Robotic Surgical Training Program

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre at the Ingham Institute is a state-of-the-art training hub for junior doctors, medical students, nurses, clinicians and medical researchers in South West Sydney.

Historically, on-the-job health and medical training was performed on deceased human bodies (cadavers). Our medical training facility uses latest technologies to enable ‘mock’ procedures and operations on high tech simulated patient mannequins, enhancing health care workers’ development of new skills quickly, safely and efficiently.

Supported by the Australian Government and operated by the University of New South Wales, this innovative centre is one of just two clinical skills simulation centres in the country.

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre at Liverpool Hospital delivers thousands of hours of training each year to trainee health care workers from the South Western Sydney Local Health District, as well as students from the University of New South Wales and the University of Western Sydney.

The centre promotes a strong culture of collaboration, bringing clinicians and medical researchers together in one place to exchange ideas and create medical breakthroughs that inspire and transform healthcare and clinical practice.

Our state-of-the-art learning equipment

The Ingham Institute’s research has significant global reach and impact, with links and collaborations around the world.

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre includes:

  • a high-fidelity robotic patient mannequin, called SimMan
  • a 3D digital dissection table, known as the Anatomage (pictured left)
  • two simulated operating theatres.

SimMan is an adult patient simulator designed to deliver the most realistic training experience possible. The mannequin is equipped with automatic drug recognition, light sensitive pupils and bodily fluid excretion.

The Anatomage is a two-metre long digital dissection table that displays life-sized images of the human body including 3D versions that can be manipulated, rotated, dissected and layered using a touch-screen interface. This high-tech table enables students, junior doctors and nurses to learn and interact with anatomy in a digital and interactive format.

The table uses software data derived from high-resolution scans of cadavers, making it a life-like and accurate teaching aid.

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre is a critical part of the Ingham Institute’s commitment to continuing to develop new ways to inspire health and transform care in our local community.

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