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Treatment Delivery Uncertainty

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death, both in Australia and worldwide. Radiotherapy plays a significant role in the treatment of cancer. Recently, a number of technology advances have enabled higher radiation doses to be safely delivered to tumours without causing unacceptable damage to normal structures. However, delivery uncertainties are not well understood for advanced radiotherapy methods, resulting in loss of treatment efficacy. A better understanding of the impact of delivery uncertainties for specific radiotherapy techniques and clinical sites will provide guidelines on the choice of appropriate advanced technique for individual patients. This would improve tumour control and cancer survival, whilst reducing normal tissue toxicities.



Figure 1.
Multileaf collimator delivery sequences for four arc VMAT abdominal

Potential future student projects

Contact Dr Sankar Arumugam for information on student projects. Projects suited to highly motivated students with experience or interest in modelling x-ray detectors are available.