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Radiation Dosimetry

Dosimetry is vital in radiation therapy for verification of the dose delivered to patients, as well as monitoring the machine output for commissioning and daily quality assurance. Dosimetry focuses of our group are silicon array detectors (Figure 1), fibre optic detectors and gel dosimetry, to be utilised in the Australian MRI-Linac program. MOSkinTM detectors (Figure 2-3) and Gafchromic film (Figure 4) have been used in relation to the Prometheus Trial, which is aimed at reducing side effects for prostate cancer patients. Electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs) (Figure 5-6) are utilised for dosimetry in intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) treatment delivery.

Figure 1.
Preliminary testing of Magic Plate-512 in magnetic field of 3 T MRI scanner.

Figure 2.
MOSkinTM detector coupled with rectal probe for in vivo measurements in tomotherapy.

Figure 3.
CT scan of MOSkinTM detector in-phantom to verify rectal dose.

Figure 4.
Film dosimetry in tomotherapy.

Figure 5.
Experimental set-up for measurements of LSF with EPID.

Figure 6.
EPID used in conjunction with an ionisation chamber array.

Potential future student projects

Contact Dr Phil Vial or A/Prof Zdenka Kuncic for information on student projects. Projects suited to highly motivated students with experience or interest in modelling x-ray detectors are available.