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Lung Cancer

Nasreen’s Walk for Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer has hit my family hard over the past 10 years, losing my father, my husband and both of my in-laws to this disease.

Read Nasreen’s full story here

The Campaign

The stigma surrounding lung cancer has had a devastating impact on the level of funding, research and support available to people living with lung cancer. Although it is by far the most common cause of cancer death in Australia and worldwide, it only attracts 5% of research funding.

The InLuCC fundraising campaign aims to break down the stigma and increase awareness of this neglected disease. All funds will go to the team of world class researchers at the Ingham Institute of Applied medical research specifically for lung cancer research.

There are a number of different research opportunities in the Lung Cancer space, one of which is to establish a lung cancer biobank that will assist researchers to improve their understand of the disease and provide a basis for cancer control using targeted treatments and to hopefully find a cure.

My pledge

Inspired by the Jog for Georgie campaign in the UK, I pledge that come rain, hail or shine:

I will run, jog or walk at least 3km a day, every day, for a full year; 365 days.

My aim is to raise $20,000 within the year.

If I don’t hit the target within the year, I will set myself a new challenge and continue until I do.

If I hit the target within 6 months, I will set a new target and continue my pledge.

You can help make a difference today.

Help me to raise much needed funds for Lung Cancer research. It’s time to give Lung Cancer a fair go because if you have lungs, you can get Lung Cancer.

Read Nasreen’s full story here

Thank you for your support. This campaign ran in 2019.

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