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17th October 2017

The factors that influence career choices

Parents and siblings may play an even greater role in determining our career choices than we previously thought, new research shows. However for our PhD student, Nikhil Autar, it was a leukaemia diagnosis at 17 that set him on the path to medical research.

17th October 2017

Research gave Christine the greatest gift

Local resident Christine Goodman is all too aware of the value of medical research and has become a supporter of the Ingham Institute and a member of the Institute’s team ...

16th October 2017

Ingham Institute breakthrough will allow screening for oesophageal cancer

Ingham Institute scientists are the first to discover a molecular signature of virally caused oesophageal cancer — a major breakthrough which will enable doctors to screen ...

16th October 2017

In-hospital knee operation rehab ‘a waste of money’

In-hospital rehabilitation after knee replacement is a waste of money, according to a new study likely to put pressure on the private sector to pursue cheaper ­options for ...

16th October 2017

The cancer patient who became a scientist

Nikhil Autar inspiring story of how being diagnosed with leukaemia at 17 developed his passion for medical research to help others.

6th May 2017

Hidden in a bunker in Liverpool is a world-first medical device

VIDEO: Hidden in a bunker in Liverpool is a world-first medical device

6th April 2017

How to avoid getting the flu this season

AUDIO: John and Garry talk to Dr Andrew Knight from the GP Unit at Fairfield Hospital and the Ingham Institute at Liverpool Hospital.

5th April 2017

Advancing global medicine

Partnership speeds up medical research impact in south west.

15th March 2017

Knee rehab at home ‘as good as hospital’

A three-year Australian study has concluded that despite inpatient rehabilitation for a knee replacement costing more than 20 times above home-based care, there is no ...

15th March 2017

Institute helps pave the pathway to success

South-west Sydney is the strongest growing region in western Sydney, with 32 per cent population growth since 1991 and an expected 200,000 new residents in the next 20 ...