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Nasreen’s Walk for Lung Cancer Research

Nasreen with her son, Mahmoud

In 2019, I pledged to run, jog or walk at least 3km a day, every day, for 365 days. My aim was to raise $25,000 for Lung Cancer research in memory of my husband (2018), my father (2012), my father-in-law (2015) and my mother-in-law (2009).

It’s time to give Lung Cancer a fair go because if you have lungs, you can get Lung Cancer.




My Story

Lung Cancer has hit my family hard over the past 10 years. I have lost my father, my husband Izzat and both of my in-laws to this disease. In 2011, my father’s diagnosis took us by surprise because essentially, he was fit and healthy and had no symptoms. Within a short time the disease deprived us of him. His morals, generous nature, intelligence and wit is what I hold onto every day when I think of him. In 2017, my husband developed back pain that turned out to be a metastatic lesion from Lung Cancer. We were devastated. But Izzat soldiered on through the pain, continued to work and live life to the fullest despite the disease. He refused to lie down and fought as hard as he could against the odds. I can’t put to words the devastation you feel when you are hit with a life changing diagnosis. His focus changed to ensuring that the kids and I were going to be ok.  Our family and friends were shocked because Izzat was relatively young (50) and was a much loved and respected member of the family and community. Lung Cancer once again claimed another member of my family. As I come to terms with my loss, I went in search of fundraising campaigns in Australia for Lung Cancer and I was disappointed to find very little if any. November is Lung Cancer awareness month and despite all the walks, runs and social campaigns that took place around the world, I could not find anything that I could contribute to in Australia. So I am determined to do some fundraising for Lung Cancer research and build awareness. Like Izzat, I will soldier on and work hard to help others and like my father, I will be generous and steadfast in my cause to fight Lung Cancer.

I lost my father, Saleh, to Lung Cancer in 2012 (68)

I lost my dear husband, Izzat, to Lung Cancer in 2018 (50)


The Campaign

The stigma surrounding lung cancer has had a devastating impact on the level of funding, research and support available to people living with lung cancer. Although it is by far the most common cause of cancer death in Australia and worldwide, it only attracts 5% of research funding. The InLuCC fundraising campaign aims to break down the stigma and increase awareness of this neglected disease. All funds will go to the team of world class researchers at the Ingham Institute of Applied medical research specifically for lung cancer research. There are a number of different research opportunities in the Lung Cancer space, one of which is to establish a lung cancer biobank that will assist researchers to improve their understand of the disease and provide a basis for cancer control using targeted treatments and to hopefully find a cure.

My pledge

Inspired by the Jog for Georgie campaign in the UK, I pledge that come rain, hail or shine: I will run, jog or walk at least 3km a day, every day, for a full year; 365 days. My aim is to raise $25,000 within the year. If I don’t hit the target within the year, I will set myself a new challenge and continue until I do. If I hit the target within 6 months, I will set a new target and continue my pledge. You can help make a difference today. Help me to raise much-needed funds for Lung Cancer research. It’s time to give Lung Cancer a fair go because if you have lungs, you can get Lung Cancer.

The campaign commenced 1/1/2019



Typical run route #1
Typical run route #2

The facts

Lung Cancer accounts for 9% of all cancer diagnoses in NSW, the fifth most common cancer and it is estimated that 12,741 Australians will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018. 9198 people are estimated to lose their lives to this disease in NSW and an estimated 9.6 million deaths worldwide. One Australia dies every hour from lung cancer and the rate of death is more than breast, prostate and ovarian cancers combined. Approximately 80% of Lung Cancer cases are thought to be caused by smoking. Other causes include:

  • Genetic factors
  • Air pollution
  • Passive smoking
  • Exposure to asbestos, radiation and radon gas

5 year survival of Lung Cancer is extremely low at 17%. 1 in 3 women diagnosed with lung cancer in Australia have never smoked and 29% of incidence in men is related to workplace exposure. Incidence of lung cancer in young women who have never smoked appears to be on the rise. There are 16 cancers that can be caused by smoking not just Lung Cancer. 1 in 8 cancer cases and 1 in 5 cancer deaths are caused by smoking. There are also many non-cancer conditions that are attributed to smoking yet they do not have the same stigma attached to them as Lung Cancer. Compared with other cancers, poor mental health for those living with Lung cancer is 29.6% higher than average.

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Donation support comments

“You are an inspiration xx Vicky”

– Vikneswary Batumalai


“For you Nasreen.”

– Nicole Caixeiro


“Nasreen you are an inspiration. I admire your dedication and courage for starting this campaign. I look forward to joining you in a few of your walks/runs!”

– Callie Choong


“Nasreen you are amazing and such a strong woman. Good luck with your goal I’m sure you’ll smash it.”

– Kate Deighton


“Dear Nasreen, Mahmoud and family – we’re inspired by your story and wish you all the best on your fundraising quest. Merran & Terry Findlay”

– Merran Findlay


“Happy to support your cause Nasreen!!!”

– Afaf Girgis


“Well done Nasreen. Best wishes as you undertake this challenge.”

– Darryl J Harkness


“Thank you for all your efforts in fundraising.”

– Michelle Newport


“Happy to be able to support this very important cause. I’ll even help with steps if ever your legs need a little rest. xx Liz”

– Elizabeth Lawler

“Good work! Great job for January :)”

– Gui Mei Xiong


“Keep up the great work”

– Fadwa Qasem


“Thank you AJCA for your donations at the Graduation Event”

– Nasreen Kaadan


“Thank you Nasreen for what you do for patients and your family”

– Elias Habib Nasser


“Great job for Feb/March! Keep up the great work :)”

– Gui Mei Xiong


“Go for it”

– Sandra Turner


“Keep up the running. You are a truely amazing woman. Thinking of you, Rebecca”

– Rebecca Strutt


“Great cause. You’ve shown commitment and passion for this cause. We’re behind you.”

– Thomas Tran


“I am so proud of you and your family! My family and I send all our love and support to you all. You’re truly an inspiration ❤️”

– Inasha Karim


“It may not feel like it every day, but you are making a difference, Nasreen.”

– Kirsten Duggan


“This is for Susie’s lovely mum, who passed away last week, in lieu of flowers. Rest in peace oxoxoxo”

– Afaf Girgis


“Inspirational Nasreen, such an important cause.”

– Tim Bryan


“So proud of you Nasreen.”

– Nirupama D Verma


“Nasreen you truly are an amazing woman and I sincerely hope that your determination has a positive outcome for lung cancer patients. I am donating $1 for each kilometer you have, or intend to, walk this year.”

– June Rose

“Nasreen your dad & husband would be so proud of you. You are an inspiration and I have no doubt you will smash this challenge.”

– Janeane Harlum


“I hope with all your hard work Nasreen, with raising money for the research you can make a difference. Good luck”

– Shadia Kabaha


“Amazing! Wishing you all the best for your fundraising!”

– Joyiti Prakash


“Best Wishes”

– George Thomas


“So sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences. Wish there was more I could do <3”

– Carla Urosevski


“Sorry for your losses Nasreen. Thanks for your bravery in sharing your story and commitment to raising much needed awareness of lung cancer and funds for research. If you ever need somebody to run alongside you around Bigge Park, let me know. Cheers, Ben”

– Allan ‘Ben’ Smith


“Dear Nasreen, highly appreciate your effort in raising the fund for ajust cause, all the best”

– Jesmin Shafiq


“So inspirational Nasreen, raising money and awareness for a great cause! Congratulations on one month in and doing so well x”

– Lara Krejci


“A great cause, well done!”

– Adrian Kotik


“I pray they find a cure for cancer.”

– Reem Abughazleh


“Dearest Nasreen, you have always been an inspiration to me since we were young and it doesn’t surprise me at all that you are doing such a selfless act to raise money for such a worthy cause. I wish you all the best!”

– Nada Adra


“Inshallah you raise more than $20000. You are an inspiration!”

– Shadia Kabaha


“What strength you have to have experienced this terrible disease over and over and get out there every day to run/walk towards fighting it and finding a cure! You are inspirational! “

– Linda Augusto


“We wish you all the best for this very good cause”

– Shoma Barat


“great effort Nasreen!”

– Jennifer Wiltshire


“For Amani. I know how hard it has been for her, and I hope one day families will never to suffer under this disease again.”

– Skye Lorenzi


“Happy birthday, Amani!”

– Nasreen Kaadan


“You are an inspiration Nasreen. Wishing you the very best”

– Shivani Kumar


“Amazing work Sis! You are doing so well and you are an inspiration to everyone with your dedication and hard work! There are only a few special people in this world and you are one of them! Xoxo”

– Robba Rai


“Such an amazing effort and commitment”

– Callie Choong


“Amazing courage Nasreen .. All the best and love to the family .”

– Lourdes Tilde