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Christine is a local resident of Western Sydney who lost her loving husband Peter Goodman to Pancreatic cancer. She told us that,

“Thanks to the Medical Research team at the Institute and a new medication Pete was given,
I was able to spend an extra year with my husband,
something I didn’t think would happen.”

I am writing to you now to ask you to give $65 so more families can enjoy special moments together thanks to Medical Research.

The Ingham Institute is leading Australia in many areas of Medical Research including our focus on using Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) found in the blood as a way to expose cancer early, and therefore give the best possible chance of successfully fighting the disease.

Together with your support, we can create the next generation of blood tests to detect cancerous tumours spreading through the body via the blood stream.

Your kind and generous gift will allow the Institute to tackle the long term challenges involved in Medical Research. You can help us deepen our knowledge about diseases work today, so we can identify potential treatments and develop better therapies tomorrow.

Please support our work this festive season so we can help discover a real gift of better medical treatments for everyone.

100% of donations received will go towards supporting Medical Research at the Ingham Institute.

Please donate today.