Simpson Centre for Health Service Research

The Simpson Centre was one of the first health service research institutions to be established in Australia and was established from a grant from the NSW government as a result of work in developing and evaluating a new system for processing elective surgery. The system involved a Perioperative Department for admitting all patients on the day of surgery and has now been adopted in most Australian acute hospitals as well as in many overseas countries.

The Unit is made up of epidemiologists, statisticians and social scientists who work closely with health economists and informatics experts.  A unique feature of the Simpson Centre is the close involvement of clinicians. The Unit closely works with social scientists and epidemiologists to simultaneously shape and evaluate change.

The work of the Centre has been enhanced by becoming part of the Australian Institute for Health Innovation at the UNSW Australia. Together with the Centre for Clinical Governance Research in Health and the Centre for Health Informatics, the Simpson Centre is broadening its research horizons, collaborating in a unique way to examine health services from different perspectives and dimensions.

Group Leader:
Professor Ken Hillman
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