Psychiatry Research and Teaching Unit

The Psychiatry Research and Teaching Unit (PRTU) was established in 1991 following the appointment of the Foundation Chair in Psychiatry, UNSW Australia and the South Western Sydney Area Health Service in 1990.

Since establishment the PRTU (and the Centre for Population Mental Health Research) has attracted over 50 collaborative research and project grants exceeding $20m and has published over 300 publications, many in high-ranking journals such as the Lancet and JAMA. It has also been a partner on two 5 year NHMRC Program Grants (2004-; 2010-2014) involving all the leading researchers in the country in the field of traumatic stress.

The PRTU is regarded nationally and internationally as a leading research and training centre in the interrelated fields of transcultural, refugee, post-conflict, posttraumatic and disaster mental health and the mental health of developing countries. In addition, the group has been involved in supporting student and registrar teaching, clinical service development, information system management and international development work.

Group Leader:
Professor Derrick Silove
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