Population & Health Services

Population & Health Services research advances the understanding of early developmental origins of health and disease to maximise the health and wellbeing of all generations, including infants and children. At the heart of this research is Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home Visiting (MECSH), a highly acclaimed sustained nurse home visiting program for families at risk of poorer maternal and child health and development outcomes. Now a global program operating in the UK, Korea and Vermont USA, it originated in South Western Sydney as an intervention model for vulnerable and at-risk mothers living in areas of socio-economic disadvantage. The results of MECSH have shown that it helps mums create better home environments and also aids the cognitive development of infants and children.

The Centre for Applied Nursing Research (CANR) focuses on enhancing nursing and midwifery practice throughout Australian hospitals. Patient safety and women's and children's health are key focus areas, with the group responsible for developing an Australian-first midwifery oral health education program to help improve the standard of oral healthcare for Australian pregnant women.

The Community & Population Health research stream interacts directly with the diverse and growing community of South West Sydney. It takes clinical or research evidence and evaluates how it can best help the community through public policy and the health care system.

  1. Aged Care Research Unit
  3. Centre for Applied Nursing Research
  4. Centre for Research Evidence Management & Surveillance
  5. Department of Community Paediatrics
  6. General Practice Unit
  7. Simpson Centre for Health Service Research