Pancreatic Research Group

The Pancreatic Research Group (PRG) is acknowledged as a leading group in the world with respect to research into the pathways by which alcohol causes pancreatic damage leading to necrosis of pancreatic acinar cells, inflammation of the gland and, in chronic disease, fibrosis of the pancreas.

The PRG at the Ingham Institute has shown that the relationship between stromal cells and cancer cells in pancreatic tumours may be a key factor in defining why the disease is so aggressive. Recent findings by the Group have also changed thinking about how cancer spreads by showing that stromal cells also travel with cancer cells to distant organs where they possibly help cancer cells to settle and grow, consolidating the position of the Group at the cutting edge of international research in the field of pancreatic fibrosis.

The PRG is now conducting pre-clinical studies to investigate ways to interrupt the relationship between stromal and cancer cells so as to slow down cancer progression and these studies have shown promising results so far. It is anticipated that these findings, expected to be released by the end of 2012, will suggest a new approach to the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Group Leader:
Professor Minoti Apte
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