Medical Physics

The Medical Physics unit headed by Professor Paul Keall uses basic science and clinical research to improve patient outcome. The key focus of our research is on radiation oncology treatment and related imaging techniques. Our major research project is the development of an Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Linear Accelerator (MRI-Linac). This is one of only three other similar developments worldwide and will enable real time imaging of patient anatomy during radiotherapy treatment and the potential of improved cancer targeting and a reduction in treatment side effects. Improved cancer targeting will be possible through increased soft tissue contrast available with MRI and the potential of incorporating physiological cancer targeting through advanced MRI pulse sequences.

Supporting this research are other projects assessing the benefits of MRI and other imaging modalities for radiotherapy treatment planning and delivery, the use of advanced radiation dosimeters for treatment verification and the impact of uncertainties in radiotherapy delivery. This work is undertaken within the cancer therapy centres at Liverpool and Macarthur and other collaborating centres. Component projects are focused on specific clinical sites such as lung, breast and prostate.

Group Leader:
Professor Lois Holloway
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