Ingham Institute's MRI-Linac

The Ingham Institute is pioneering the MRI-Linac, state of the art cancer research technology that couples an MRI with a Linear Accelerator to improve the precision and accuracy of radiotherapy, a type of cancer treatment. One of only three in the world, the Ingham Institute will be the first medical research institute in Australia to acquire the unique technology which is housed in a high-tech Research Bunker at Liverpool Hospital. 

The MRI-Linac has the ability to accurately locate tumours during a treatment session in real time, offering greater potential of improving patient cancer treatment outcomes. Until now, the MRI and the Linac have worked separately. By joining them together as the MRI-Linac the Ingham Institute has a system that enables a real-time view of tumours that stretches way beyond basic anatomy, including the chemical structure of tumours and normal tissues. The unique design of the system gives Ingham Institute scientists and cancer researchers the ability to position the treatment or radiation beam in two different arrangements, a world-first.

Once the MRI-Linac is operational it will set a new benchmark for cancer treatment in Australia, with the potential to dramatically reduce side effects and improve patient cancer treatment outcomes in over 50 per cent of all cancer patients.

Providing strong evidence for its efficacy, a study published in July 2011 by Prof Keall and collaborators in the international journal Medical Physics modelled key components of the MRI-Linac and supported the high-quality of the technology.

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