Department of Community Paediatrics

The Department of Community Paediatrics is committed to their involvement in clinical work and associated research focusing on children with special needs and developmental problems, as well as vulnerable populations of children such as refugees, Aboriginal and children considered to be at a social disadvantage (e.g. children of parents with substance abuse, mental illness or disability and children in "out of home care").

The Department has been active participants and leaders in the development of evidence-based state-wide, metropolitan, area and local initiatives aiming to improve the health outcomes of children, young people and their families.

 In 2010, the Department of Community Paediatrics undertook a range of population needs assessments, systematic reviews and research and evaluation projects arising from the various clinical services they provide to the South West Sydney area.

Additionally, the Department is involved in a number of collaborative child health and development research projects with other agencies/departments such as CHETRE, General Practice and the Department of Community Services.

Group Leader:
A/Professor John Eastwood ED
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