Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre

Forming part of Ingham Institute’s research precinct is our recently completed Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre. Officially opening its doors in January 2013, the Clinical Skills Centre is better known as the “training hub” for researchers, students, nurses and clinicians from the South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) and partners Western Sydney University and UNSW Australia.

Supported by the Australian Government, this unique and innovative centre is only one of two Clinical Skills Training and Simulation Centres in Australia. It provides outstanding hands on training for clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals and students – enabling real clinical outcomes to be translated from the bench to the bedside faster and more efficiently.

A stand out feature for the Clinical Skills Centre is the high- fidelity robotic patient mannequin ‘SimMan’ and two of Australia’s simulated operating theatres, to enable ‘mock’ operations. the Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre is focused on providing students with real-life, simulated learning. Another key attribute is a 3D digital dissection table better known as the Anatomage, providing a unique opportunity for teaching students, junior doctors and nurses anatomy in a digital and interactive format.