The Collaboration for Cancer Outcomes, Research and Evaluation (CCORE) is affiliated with the Cancer Therapy Centre, Liverpool Hospital and the Ingham Institute.

The research at CCORE covers the broad spectrum of clinical cancer including surgery, medical and radiation oncology. The group has a wide range of activities that extend from the individual cancer patient to the organisation of cancer services at state, national and international levels.

CCORE aims to improve cancer outcomes through research and the implementation of best practice measures into routine clinical practice in the treatment of cancer. The CCORE unit has particular expertise in radiotherapy, but also has broad interests in all areas of cancer management. Staff members include radiation oncologists, a medical oncologist, epidemiologist, data managers and project managers.

National & International Benchmarks set following study of delivery of Radiotherapy Services:
‘Review of Radiotherapy Optimal Utilisation Rates’

M Barton, S Jacob, J Shafiq, K Wong, S Thompson, T Hanna, G Delaney

March 2013 saw the finalisation of a review of optimal radiotherapy utilisation for all cancers in Australia. This study was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health & Ageing and updated an earlier study by CCORE during 2001-2003. This latest review aimed to determine a contemporary position in regard to the optimal proportion of new cancers that would benefit from radiotherapy as part of their treatment.

The report underwent extensive peer review by a broad range of multidisciplinary reviewers in order to ensure the widest degree of input.The report covers each cancer site including brief descriptions of the changes to radiotherapy utilisation compared to the previous model. Optimal rates of external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy and concurrent chemo-radiotherapy were calculated for each cancer site. The overall rates of optimal radiotherapy utilisation for each of the Australian States and Territories were calculated.

The full report can be accessed here.

Group Leader:
Professor Michael Barton
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