Cancer Research

Cancer is prevalent in South Western Sydney. Research indicates that by 2016, over 7400 new patients from widely diverse cultures will present with the disease. What's more, this number is set to rise to over 8500 annually by the year 2021.

Cancer Research is a major focus at the Ingham Institute including research into colon/rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and brain cancers.

Our emphasis at the Ingham Institute is on translational research with a flow from laboratory to clinician – where findings may cut across many different forms of cancer – and from clinician back to the laboratory. This two-way approach leads to highly collaborative research partnerships.


  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Blood Cancer
  3. Colorectal Cancer
  4. Gastro-Intestinal Cancer
  5. Leukaemia
  6. Pancreatic Cancer
  7. Prostate Cancer