Cancer Pathology

Cancer Pathology focuses on research on common human cancers such as breast, prostate, colorectal and oropharyngeal cancers, specifically in the investigation of biomarkers of prognosis and treatment response.

Studies are undertaken on innovative methods of treatment in animal models that can be subsequently translated to human cancer management such as targeted alpha therapy. The group is also interested in invitro modelling of newly discovered genes or molecules that may be important in the pathogenesis of some of the common human malignancies.

The group has had a major finding in relation to oropharyngeal cancer (OSCC), discovering that cycling D1 confers significantly worse outcomes in patients with HPV-related OSCC.

Cancer Pathology is also leading Prostate Cancer research, focused on improved biomarkers for detection, prognosis and therapy.

Early detection and improved prognostic testing for prostate cancer will reduce the incidence of fatal metastatic disease and reduce the need for hormonal replacement therapy.

Preclinical trials are underway to target biomarkers using radioimmunoconjugates as an adjunct to surgery for early stage high-risk disease with minimal side effects.

Group Leader:
Professor Soon Lee
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