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Brain Injury

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Research Group (BIRRG) is part of the Injury and rehabilitation research stream at the Ingham Institute. The BIRRG conducts a program of clinical and health services research with the broad aim of alleviating the consequences of traumatic brain injury with a focus on clinically-applied, intervention-oriented research.

The BIRRG is led by Senior Research Fellow, Dr Grahame Simpson and has close ties with the Liverpool Hospital Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit and NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI). The BIRRG team come from a broad range of multidisciplinary backgrounds including Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology and Rehabilitation Medicine. The BIRRG comprises a Clinical Research team (also led by Dr Grahame Simpson) and a Health Services Research team comprising members from the ACI Brain Injury Rehabilitation Directorate and led by Network Manager Barbara Strettles.

The BIRRG is currently involved in 34 ongoing research projects. The group receives competitive funding from a range of international, national and state based research organisations and authorities. The BIRRG has recently received two large grants from the US Department of Defence, and the NSW Safety Return to Work and Support Division to undertake its work. Over the past 3 years, the BIRRG has had 30 articles published in peer-reviewed journals, alongside numerous published abstracts, and national and international conference presentations.

The research participants are predominantly adults of working age, children and young people who have sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. The research conducted by this team is conducted in collaboration with international, national, state and local research partners undertaking treatment studies (multi-centre randomised controlled trials, clinical controlled trials and single case experimental trials), instrument development/validation, health services evaluation and observational studies.

Group Leader:
Dr Grahame Simpson
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