Ross Greenwood

Channel 9 Today Show business and finance editor and co-host of the Sunday program, Ross Greenwood represents the Ingham Institute as an Ambassador.

Before joining Nine, Ross was editor-in-chief of the weekly British magazine, Shares (1999-2003). He is one of the founders of Shares, and is still a shareholder. Ross was responsible for the creation of Shares magazine (1996), of which he was managing editor. While in London, Ross was a regular commentator on BBC Television and Radio, CNN, Sky News and Bloomberg.

In Australia, Ross was editor of Business Review Weekly (1997-1999), Personal Investor (1986-1997) and The Age's Money section.

In television he was a presenter on Network 10's Healthy Wealthy and Wise (1992-1997), and was the finance presenter for Good Morning Australia. He also hosted finance programs for ABC radio.

In the finance industry, he was a director of the sharemarket listed investment company WAM Capital and chairman of the investment committee of the Just superannuation fund, the $400 million industry fund for journalists and entertainers.


Lisa Wilkinson

Channel 9 Today Show Co-Host Lisa Wilkinson represents the Ingham Institute as an Ambassador.

Best known for her role on the Today Show with fellow Co-Host Karl Stefanovic, Lisa’s media career got off to an astonishing start when she was appointed editor of the national young women’s magazine Dolly at just 21. This paved the way for Lisa to develop a stellar career in publishing, radio and TV media, while also managing her own magazine consultancy.

Born and raised in Campbelltown, Ms Wilkinson  partnered with the Ingham Institute due to her close affinity with the area and to help give back to the health of the South West.